When I was about 16 years old, my parents purchased a small quick print franchise in Glendale, AZ. called BCX Printing.  I worked there for a couple years after school and in the summer until I went off to The University of Arizona in Tucson for college. I returned from Tucson and graduated from  Arizona State University in Tempe with a Bachelors of Science in Business Economics while working at the shop still. After I graduated, I decided to go full time in the print shop. For about 20 years I worked with my dad building our little shop into quite an output machine. In that time, I had opened my own small sign and banner shop to compliment the printing materials we sold. One day my dad decided to quit and he walked out leaving me to figure things out myself. After moving the print shop into another shop and getting ripped off every way but Sunday by that owner, I built a shop of my own behind my home in Catlin Court. My dad eventually sold the remains of his shop and I was to start all over again from scratch. I started with printed goods, business cards, flyers, postcards things of that nature, that  I ran on a broken digital printer I managed to purchase with the few dollars I had left. Eventually, I built the shop up to a couple full production sized digital printers and a couple wide format printers running mostly banners and posters. I moved away from small format items and went exclusive wide format and eventually built my own CNC machines to cut and shape foam and acrylic/aluminum for signs and channel letters. I still run the shop with myself and my dog, Gloria a rescue Rottweiler. I produce all my own foam channel  letters and metal signs as well as cut and print vinyl for vehicle wraps and window wraps, window decals, lettering of all types, and more. I install all the items I produce or I sell them and my customers install them on their own. I also design much of the items including logos and such. I still enjoy designing and printing full color banners and have done some very large jobs. With over 30 years experience in the trade, I have a handle on nearly any form of sign one may need. I guarantee all my work and I enjoy all of my customers some of which I have had nearly 30 years! What can I make for you?